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õ  Lost for Words  Feature film in development. A musician struggles for guardianship of her autistic older brother, but a chance encounter forces her to choose between her love for her brother and her chance for a new life. More info coming soon...

õ  Zoe + Ari  Feature film in development, based on the short film of the same name. Producers: Elise Zell, Rachael Meyers  Director: Rachael Meyers  Writer: Elise Zell  More info coming soon... www.zoeandari.com


õ  Obviously Not a Child of God  A 10-minute short film dealing with grief and human connection told through a gritty fantasy lens.  Writer/Producer: Anastasia Leddick  Producers: Adam Rotenberg, Amanda Martin  Director: Rachael Meyers  Cinematographer: Iliya Gegov  Starring: Anastasia Leddick, Mickey Gooch Jr., and Gina Hecht  IMDb

Previous Projects 


õ  Zoe + Ari  A dramedy about Zoe & Ari.  Writer: Elise Zell  Producers: Elise Zell, Edward Hong, Rachael Meyers  Director: Rachael Meyers  Cinematographer: William Carnahan  Production Designer: Lisagaye Tomlinson  Editor: Nathan Chiaravalle  Starring: Anastasia Leddick and Carter Scott  IMDb  www.zoeandari.com  *See official website for awards and recognitions

õ  Forget-Me-Not  Traumatized by the death of her mother, a young girl must reclaim her voice with the help of an unique voice teacher silently battling Parkinson's. Filming in Oklahoma this July. Writer/Director/Producer: Rachael Meyers  Cinematographer: William Carnahan  Production Designer: Lizzie Hester  Editor: Miles Cooper  Starring: Bryan McKinley, Melissa Jobe, and introducing Hannah Norum  IMDb  *Winner: Best Drama Short Film at the North Hollywood Cinefest  Nominee: Best Director Short Film at the North Hollywood Cinefest

õ  The Uninvited  Two thieves, a rookie and a veteran, fight for survival after breaking into the wrong house.  Writer: Alexandra Bayless  Producers: Alexandra Bayless/Malerie Grady  Director: Rachael Meyers  Cinematographer: Brian Lang  Starring: Alexandra Bayless, Matt McGee, and Malerie Grady  IMDb

õ  Heirloom  Fresh out of an unhealthy relationship, Sophie finds herself in search of something beautiful. When she stumbles upon a vintage shop, she's unaware of what the mysterious owner and enchanting items hold in store for her.  Writer: Lisagaye Tomlinson  Producers: Rachael Meyers, Laura Monaco, Lisagaye Tomlinson  Director: Marianna Palka  Cinematographer: Kyle Wright  IMDb

õ  Leap  Jules is turning 30 - against her will.  But will her stubborn refusal to celebrate teach her an unwelcome lesson?  Writer/Director/Producer: Rachael Meyers  Producer: Suzanne Eversmeyer  Composer: Sebastian Robertson  Starring: Suzanne Eversmeyer, Julie Sufana IMDb

õ  Chenmo de pengyou (Silent Friends)  Two isolated roommates come together in this short drama inspired by "In the Mood for Love."  Writer/Director: Rachael Meyers  Executive Producer/Story by: Ying Yuen  Producer: Sylvia Loehndorf  Cinematography: Lauren Peele  Editor: Nathan Chiaravalle  Original Score: Sebastian Robertson  Starring: Ying Yuen, Bryan McKinley, John Nicholas and Patrick Graves  IMDb  *Winner: Award of Recognition at the Best Shorts Competition

õ  Escape  Inspired by a true story, "Escape" follows Frank as he tries to free his wife, Karen, from the hands of a sadistic cult. Writer/Director/Producer: Rachael Meyers  Writer/Producer: Karla Zamudio  Cinematography: Michael Street  Editor: Rebekah Estey  Original Score: Stephen Visocan  Starring: Bryan McKinley, Alexandra Bayless, Mark Gadbois, Luke Cook and Karla Zamudio  IMDB

õ  Lunch  A serial killer goes on a hunt for plastic, but discovers something much more valuable.  Writer/Producer: Phillip Greenbaum  Director: Rachael Meyers  Cinematographer: Ryan McDonough  IMDb

õ  Wake  Lost in the wilderness, a man finds his fate in a vagabond motley crew.  Writers: Rachael Meyers, Bryan McKinley  Producers: Rachael Meyers, Miles Cooper, Bryan McKinley  Director: Rachael Meyers  Cinematography: Miles Cooper  Editor: Miles Cooper  Original Score: Ryan Whyman  Starring: Bryan McKinley, Lisagaye Tomlinson, Ieva Georges, Phillip Greenbaum, Alberto Ocampo, Serdar Kalsin, and Miles Cooper  This film was made for the 48 Hour Film Project: Los Angeles 2015 IMDb

õ  Ache  Weakened from a back injury, Grace struggles to reclaim her life.  Director: Leaha Boschen  Writer/Producer: Rachael Meyers  Cinematographer: Miles Cooper  Starring: Rachael Meyers, Bryan McKinley IMDb

õ  My Brother's Keeper  Terry confronts his brother Micky about his debilitating addiction.  Writer/Producers: Bryan McKinley, Kurt Mason Peterson  Co-Producer: Rachael Meyers  Director: Rachael Meyers  Cinematography: Ben Jackson  Editor: Nathan Chiaravalle  Starring: Bryan McKinley and Kurt Mason Peterson IMDb *Winner: Best Short Film at LA Spotlight Film Festival

õ  Melody and Her Many Men  When a fresh-faced and geeky Melody lands in Hollywood to find her Mr. Right, she discovers American men to be a bit cheekier than those from across the pond. From award-winning writer Marilyn Friday comes a new heartfelt comedic web series in the style of "Bridget Jones Diary" and "Sex and the City". Writer/Producer: Marilyn Friday  Producer: Rachael Meyers  Director: Rachael Meyers, Adam Rotenberg Starring: Marilyn Friday, James Kyson, Michael Perl, Gina Hecht, Elisa Gabrielli, Sean Bradley, Miles Cooper, Amanda Kruger, Dennis Nollette, Rachael Meyers, and Skyler Caleb  Cinematography: Ben Jackson  Editor: Sean Bradley IMDb Production Stills and Updates

  Hello, Lieutenant  A dark Irish comedy that questions the difference between "right" and "wrong." Director/Producer: Rachael Meyers  Cinematography: Ben Jackson  Editor: Ben Jackson  Starring: Bryan McKinley and Miles Cooper 

õ  Highway 15  Three stops.  Two drifters.  One wild ride.  A short action dramedy about a female thief and her naive victim/protege... Writer/Director/Producer: Rachael Meyers  Cinematography: Skylar Sprague  Editor: Nathan Chiaravalle  Starring: Miles Cooper, Heather Wynters, Bryan McKinley, and Rob Brownstein  IMDB  IndieGoGo  *multi award-winner, including Best Direction, Best Western Short & Best Comedy

õ  Midnight Showing  When Detective Joanna Rains returns to Los Angeles, corruption, betrayal, and past intrigues turn a routine investigation into the fight of her life...  Writer: Rachael Meyers  Director: Rob Brownstein  Cinematography: Skylar Sprague  Editor: Jonathan Melin  Score: C.S. Elliott  IMDB

õ <3 thy neighbor  A grumpy old man learns what it means to have a family from his young, hip neighbor...  Writers: Scott Antonucci, Matt Austin, Marilyn Friday, Rachael L. Meyers  Director: Scott Antonucci  Cinematography: Skylar Sprague  Editor: Nikolas Makris  Score: Brian Crutchfield  This film was made for the 48 Hour Film Project 2012. IMDB

õ  Sera's Chronicles: The Prologue  A balancer and an energy vampire sit down to discuss the fate of the world over drinks... Writer/Director: Stefany Allaire  Cinematography: Kai Saul Editor: Clayton H Baker  Score: Brian Crutchfield  IMDB

õ  Saint Andrew: The Trailer  A tale of forbidden love and redemption set in Hollywood's heart of darkness...  Writer/Director: Christopher Bussey  Cinematography:  Kai Saul  Editor:  Ashton Ryan Gallagher  Watch